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About Our Classes

"Our philosophy is that strong mental health and wellbeing begin's in childhood.

Our mission is to build each child's strong sense of self efficacy, self compassion and a direct path to access  happiness and resilience.

 Empowering each child with the skills  that will see them flourish into adulthood."

Why are our classes so important?

With a growing rate of children being diagnosed with mental health conditions, the long standing attitude that kids will simply grow out of these things no longer stands.

We know when we see adults that often these childhood mental health conditions become a life long battle, embedded in an outdate way of thinking and feeling.


We know that our childhood experiences become our adult inner voices that guide us and influence our mood, experiences, achievements and even the person we believe we are.


Our program is designed to change all of that, its created to help your child develop a strong, powerful, positive self image. It aims to help your child develop a set of skills and mindset to give them the best outcomes as future adults who will face an ever changing world.


We hope to break down the limiting thoughts, patterns and behaviours that may stand in their way. We aim to up skill them with the knowledge and strategies that can help them through life toughest times. 


We don't want kids to give up with things get hard, we want them to find gratitude and resilience to keep going and overcome what ever life throws their way.We hope you will join us on this journey.

  • To build Self Efficacy

  • To prevent Mental Health Issues in future generations of adults

  • To educate and empower children to take charge of their own wellbeing

  • To build gratitude

  • To develop a social conscience for a sustainable future for each child and the planet.

  • To break down the social stigmas and prejudices about mental health issues in our society.

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